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Workplace Delivery Team

Are you looking for a workplace volunteer opportunity that makes a huge impact on your community, is easy to implement and manage, and is something employees can do over the lunch hour? If so, delivering meals is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you and your co-workers!


It only takes a lunch hour to deliver meals to 8 to 14 people in need. How’s that for a power lunch? Starting a Workplace Delivery Team is an easy-to-implement corporate volunteer opportunity for you and your company to make a real difference in the lives of seniors and those with disabilities in your community.


Delivering meals is a great team-building opportunity that only requires a group of two or more individuals to get started. Companies like Delta Dental, and Ascension have maintained Workplace Delivery Teams for years because employees embrace this simple and effective way to help community members in need.


To start a Workplace Delivery Team today, contact us at or

(715)-341-0081 to learn more about how your company can take advantage of this workplace-friendly volunteer opportunity.

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