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Menus for the nutritious meals are approved by a registered dietitian. Special diets can be accommodated. Regular nutritional assessments are completed.  All meals provide one third of the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA), meet the USDA;s Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and adhere to federal meal pattern requirements. 


Each meal contains the following:

3 oz. of protein from meat or a meat alternate such as cheese or eggs.

Two ½ cup servings of fruit and/or vegetables.

One serving of bread or an alternate such as rice or pasta.

8 oz. of milk.

4 oz. serving of dessert.


The goal of our nutritional program is to help elderly in our community live independently in their homes, while monitoring their nutritional intake and providing healthy meals for their overall well being.

**Click on the image to view menu.

**This menu is subject to change.

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