Become a Driver

Delivering meals is a simple and rewarding way to help seniors and people with disabilities in need of hot meals and a daily visit from a friendly face, and you can do it over lunch! All you need to do is sign up.

When you volunteer for Meals on Wheels, you’re doing your part to guarantee meals are delivered to the more than 120 people in need across the Stevens Point area. You can volunteer to deliver meals once a week, once a month, with a friend, with a group or on your own – whatever works best for you!

Delivering meals is also a great social activity – you can do it with a friend or a group and you’ll get to know your neighbors who also deliver. You’ll

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Become A Driver FAQ's

How do I sign up to volunteer for Meals on Wheels?

Fill out the online form or call us at 715-341-0081.

How does a typical volunteer delivery shift work?

Volunteers drive to the hospital, pick up 8-10 meals stored in easy-to-carry thermal packs, and deliver them to residences using a route designed by the program. You will receive detailed driving and delivery directions – no preparation is necessary. Once your route is finished, you will return the supplies to the hospital.

How long does it take to deliver meals?

Delivery routes are designed to take around an hour. For most people, it’s easy to deliver meals during the lunch hour.

When are meals delivered?

Meals are generally delivered between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

How often will I deliver meals?

As often as you would like! Many of our volunteers choose one day a week or one day a month to deliver meals. Commit to a frequency you are comfortable with, and you can always decide to deliver more often in the future. If you don’t want to commit to a regular schedule, become a substitute driver and fill in as needed.

Can I volunteer with a friend or with a group?

Yes! Delivering meals is a great social activity that you can do with a friend or a larger group. It’s also common for church, social or workplace groups to organize delivery teams. Learn more about how to start a Workplace Delivery Team

Is training provided?

Yes, training is provided for all volunteers.

What happens during each delivery?

Volunteers bring the meal to each recipient’s door. Part of the fun of delivering is visiting with recipients but it is important to keep visits brief enough for you to complete your route on time. If you find that your recipient needs additional help, you can contact staff.

Are there opportunities besides delivering meals?

While finding volunteers to fill delivery routes is our biggest need, there are other ways to get involved.

leave knowing the people on your route received the nourishment and personal connection they need.

Sign up today to deliver meals and know you’ll make an immediate impact on the lives of recipients in your neighborhood. If you have questions, see the list of frequently asked questions, email or call (715) 341-0081 for more information.